Riding the Waves of Life's Challenges

We all have challenges in life. Life is not about everything being 'perfect' meaning how you may have created a "fantasy life". When you deeply know this truth, life unfolds with increased kindness and ease. You can use the attitudes of awareness to deal with the challenges and conflicts in your life. When faced with these mind states people often close down, contract, put up protective walls, feel deep sadness or experience anger. It may leave you feeling lousy. So what do you do?  You can start by cultivating 3 states of awareness.

    OPENNESS -Begin by inviting your whole being to relax to enter into a state of wide-open awareness. Invite yourself to let go of attempting to control the situation or outcome. Of course, this is very challenging but truly the only way to go if you want to move out of this state. I know when I’m invested in a situation it can get very sticky like I am caught in a spider’s web and can’t see the way out. When you relax, you can begin to fully inhabit your space. We forget our "oceanness" and see only the waves. Let the waves come and go – Let it BE

It is habitual to frame things as problems rather than a challenge. I invite you to not lock down into “This should NOT be happening”. If something needs to be different is in order for you to be OK then this attitude results in more sadness.

    INTEREST -  Be interested in the truth of the situation. Gently inquire into the depths of what you are experiencing. Is it true what you are telling yourself? If this is difficult then speaking to an honest friend or having a nondual healing session can be especially useful. Bring a quality of awareness like a small child being curious. This results in opening your ability to change what you see and you become available to Truth. Interest and caring can allow you to wake up and truly know the conditions and patterns of your life. 

    FRIENDLINESS - Bring an attitude of friendliness and kindness to yourself. Know that these states are human states and everyone experiences them. Hold yourself with great tenderness. This attitude dissolves the armoring as you remember the intention to be kind, an immediate softening and an expansive connection arises. Love yourself into Freedom, love your conditioning to dissolve it. You may want to place your hand on heart and tell yourself “It’s OK darling, as this creates a physiologic and emotional change.

These 3 attitudes openness, interest, friendliness creates intimacy with one another and invites the beauty of letting ourselves or another be just as they are. This is just the beginning of the journey. Most of us, most of the time require the guidance of a trained healing professional. I have found that nondual healing creates the vibration to allow us to be more accepting of ourselves, our lives and others. True transformation takes place during each session.

Are you ready to be all that you can be? Invest in yourself today with a session.

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