A special opportunity to create a mindful life

Spring has arrived after a long challenging winter in the Northeast. Nature is persistent, just like our own nature. We keep going despite at times all odds. When you plant a seed you prepare the soil, you then water it, and weed around it over and over. Then it sprouts, what a miracle, and grows and often offers fruit or flower.

I am offering you a way to nourish the seedlings of your authentic self by creating everything you need to begin and sustain a meditation practice. To live this life as truly yourself it is absolutely necessary to cultivate the ground in which you plant your seeds. To continue to learn is to continue to grow this seed into a healthy, vibrant being. We begin just where you are, whether a seed, a seedling, a young plant or a mature tree, life is a continual journey.

I have created special packages for The Healing Power of Mindful Living program. This is a profoundly transformative program that teaches you the foundation of mindfulness meditation. I am making this very special offer because this is a program that shifted my life and I love sharing it with others. There are so many reasons to learn mindfulness. They range from stress reduction, to increased concentration and creativity, to dealing with chronic illness, pain and anxiety and leave you feeling connecting to something larger than yourself. Whatever your reason, now is the best time to begin, because as the saying goes ~ If not now, When?

Perhaps a good reason is just to live more of your moments in the present. To enjoy this moment, to actually be here for this precious moment of time with great kindness.


Special offer 6 weeks foundational training ~ 1 hour each session

The investment in yourself is only $760! A savings of 101!  (Regularly priced $861) This includes 2 CD's or MP3's and a manual ($45 value)

You may also sign up for 3 weeks at a time ~ 1 hour each session  -  The investment in yourself and your life is $386. This includes 2 CD's or MP3's and a manual

This offer allows you to conveniently schedule your sessions to meet your individual needs. In person & Skype sessions are available.

This offer is only available for a limited Time - Register by June 12

Take charge of your life TODAY


  • “Thank you for all you have done for me. I appreciate it so very much. My heart is much lighter since meeting you and my problems seem not as difficult to handle.” ~ Ruth A
  • Working with Cindy has exceeded my expectations. Her sincerity & compassion combined with her expertise has been a wonderfully positive and productive experience. MM
  • I feel better about myself and my life. I learned to embrace the present moment. That alone improves relationships with people, yourself, and handling stressful situations. I learned how to live life, and to be there when it’s happening. Cindy’s instruction and presentation of Mindfulness was very helpful. She answered many questions I had about the practice. ~ Charlene P.

Hi Cindy,

1) Every time I pay attention to what I learned, it allows me to meditate and become calm.

2) Even when I can't always take the time to meditate, I try to at least do it when I am walking from meeting to meeting. It helps me calm down even if it is just for a few seconds.  

3) I really enjoyed your insight and you have such a calming voice. Just hearing it helps me to remain calm when I am in your company. Thank you, JR

** If you would like to share your own story to help others on their healing journey, please let me know.