Create a Quiet Space

In this very busy and information filled world we live in, having a quiet space for yourself is vital. A quiet space is a place where you can relax and take time to renew. It’s a place that you can restore yourself, a space that you can meditate, pray or create. Most importantly it is a place to feel safe, relaxed and nourished. This space can be anywhere, in your garden, a corner of a room – be creative. I am extremely fortunate that my healing center is my quiet space, it is a 1742 Stone Cottage that holds sacred, healing energies. When we use a certain spot on a regular basis it begins to hold this special energy that makes it easier for us to access.

You may want to make your space beautiful with a plant, candles, special photos, and any meaningful items that help you return to your pure essence. Find a place that is not so noisy. In home decor, I recommend leaning towards quiet, minimal and simple yet something you find comforting and relaxing. Discover your individual sense of peace.

Did you know that clutter can elevate your stress hormone, cortisol? Thus, making it even more important to have clear spaces. If you have a longing for a spot to curl up with a book then add a reading light, a comfy chair, and lush throw. Perhaps adding a small table for a cup of tea or coffee. You are really creating a sanctuary for yourself.

Investigate your home. Is there a spare closet or quiet corner of a bedroom or study you can use? Near a window adds even more ease if it looks out onto nature, a view of nature automatically relaxes us. It’s interesting to note that we label our rooms by what activities we do in them, the living room, family room, study, office, and baths. Do you have a room that’s created to “Just Be” in?

Spending time in stillness each day offers us a way to practice paying attention to our own lives. Having a formal practice of meditation or just being present allows us to bring intentional wakefulness to our activities through the day. By creating this special spot it will help remind you to stop and practice stillness.

1. Determine what it is you need – a meditation space, a reading spot, a knitting spot, or a place for a quiet cup morning coffee and afternoon tea?
2. Claim your space by making it truly yours.
3. Decorate – choose special objects that speak to the purpose of this quiet place.
4. Make it sacred. Sacred to me means created with a mindful intention, it does not necessarily hold a religious or spiritual connotation, although this is wonderful if it is what you desire. Rather, a special space unlike the rest of your home. Remember it is a place to center yourself before entering out into the world or a place to retreat to when returning home each day.

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