Would you like more tranquility in your life?

We tend to live in a very busy world without recognizing our capacity to allow ourselves to slow down, settle and become tranquil. This is one of the most important reasons mindfulness meditation is vital to our well-being. Meditation offers us the tools to pause and become deeply silent. By practicing meditation we can bring this calm state of being into our daily life of doing.

I have noticed that many people are caught up in their likes and dislikes. When we live this way we are mostly disappointed that things don’t turn out “our” way! In meditation we take the time to pause and notice our likes and dislikes. How often are you engaged in an activity but your mind is focused on something else? This causes us to miss many moments.

We offer ourselves the sense of tranquility when we allow ourselves to be in this moment of our life and let go of the urge to control everything. We can then invite a sense of wonder and awareness. It’s the sense of attachment that causes us tremendous suffering.

We can invite in the sense of contentment with this one moment, and the next and this offers us an opportunity to transform our lives. As you practice meditation on a regular basis you will notice that finding the calm in the midst of the storm becomes almost natural. Our senses can respond and help us to navigate challenging situations. 

It is truly a transformative practice that enhances each moment! I invite you to join with me to learn mindfulness meditation in person or online.

If meditation doesn’t appeal to you in this moment we can work with increasing tranquility into your life with nondual energy healings. These healings touch the deep soul level of your being and will transform and heal. Please know that meditation and healing sessions are available in person or online.

Now is the time!

Here is a tranquility meditation for you - Click HERE