Cindy is a delightful, uplifting and compassionate healer. Her body/mind healing is focused and gets results. She lives and walks her talk. Cindy is a prime example of someone who has faced her own health problems and uses every fiber of her spiritual and intellectual tool chest to lift others. I highly recommend her.
— VALERIE STIEHL, Clairvoyant Spiritual Channel

Join me to discover the art of relating to body.mind.spirit by calling 908-629-9331 to begin your journey

What is a healing session like?

In person, online or on the phone we work together in an atmosphere of respect, compassion and integrity consisting of you sharing an issue that you are working with. I begin the session with deep listening and a compassionate open-hearted dialogue. This begins the incredibly powerful healing transmission.  Depending upon the issue you present, together we choose the most beneficial way of working. If we have chosen a healing session, after the conversation I may invite you to lie down fully clothed for a gentle hands on healing and a time of stillness and silence. If a meditation session is chosen then we proceed within this framework.

This nonsectarian modality produces deep healing of the heart and soul.  Each healing session builds upon the prior session with the effects deepening as you move towards wholeness.

Nondual Healing

Non Dual Healing is the foundation of all my healing sessions as it works to reach the core of your authentic truth, facilitating deep and lasting transformation. Non-dual healing touches the place of wholeness which already exists including the physical, emotional and spiritual. Each session will reach all levels of being.

Nondual healing integrates the wisdom of Buddhism, understanding of non-duality within the wisdom of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life along with modern psychological insight. It is a radical healing paradigm that is based on having a dynamic, living relationship with Reality As It Is. Awakening and healing are one. It is an approach that is based on a recognition of the universal nature of the human soul, and our common desire to live an authentic and full life providing a powerful transformative experience. In this context, the healing journey and the spiritual journey are one and the same thing. As we heal, we awaken spiritually, our awareness is enhanced and transformation takes place. This process brings us at our own unique pace into deeper self-realization. This healing modality was developed by Jinen Jason Shulman, a renowned master of Kabbalah, author and teach of Zen and Non-duality. Inherent in this healing is great kindness allowing us to be fully ourselves bringing forth sustained and lasting healing and therefore wholeness.

Ultimately healing involves unlearning the patterns that block our natural openheartedness from shining forth.
— Jason Shulman

beyond Reiki

Reiki is an ancient Japanese/Tibetan hands on healing art. Reiki means universal energy and is based on transmission of the universal life force. Reiki teaches that dis-ease is an imbalance of energy. Reiki harmonizes the vibrational frequency so the body can restore itself to balance and wholeness. During the session you will sense its unconditional love lifting your spirits, relaxing your body and freeing your mind from the challenges of daily living.

Why do I call this 'Beyond Reiki'? You will find that my Reiki sessions are deeply transformative and non-dual due to my experience and knowledge in the healing arts since 1978. I am trained in transformative non dual healing work that is integrated into all my sessions. I take the time to hear your story before we begin the energy work so this time is individually crafted just for you.

Some of the many benefits of Reiki may be the relief of chronic pain, headaches, and stress related illness, emotional release and spiritual growth. This healing method brings balance and harmony into your life. Reiki deepens the inner journey addressing the body, mind and spirit. As you remain fully clothed, on a comfy massage table, I use light touch as universal energy is drawn through my hands facilitating the body, mind and spirit's natural ability to heal itself.

Working with Cindy has exceeded my expectations. Her sincerity and compassion combined with her expertise have been a wonderfully positive and productive experience. MM

Just a quick note to say thank you. I can’t tell you why, but I felt great all day and slept like a baby all night. Today, even with the rain I have absolutely no pain at all. So I wanted you to know that as a former skeptic I am now a firm believer in the mystery of Reiki. I feel great, I can’t say thank you enough! There is nothing better than feeling rested and having energy and no pain. Thanks again. Maggi (severe arthritis)