THE HEALING POWER OF MINDFUL LIVING ~ Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Training (MBSR)

Mindfulness is the key to creating a peaceful life. When we are still and awake we connect with our inner wisdom. When you are living in the moment sacredness is present. Meditation gives you the tools to reduce the stress in your life.

Take time out to reconnect with yourself and to the peace within. You will experience breathing exercises, guided imagery and meditation. The training which I call The Healing Power of Mindful Living is suitable for anyone interested in managing stress and living a meaningful life.

This is a profoundly transformative program that teaches you the foundation of mindfulness meditation.

There are so many reasons to learn mindfulness. They range from stress reduction, to living a spiritual and present lifestyle, to increased concentration and creativity, to dealing with chronic illness, pain and anxiety. Whatever your reason, now is the best time to begin, because as the saying goes ~ If not now, When?

Perhaps a good reason is just to live more of your moments in the present. To enjoy this moment, to actually be here for this precious moment of time.

What you will learn in The Healing Power of Mindful Living

You'll experience mindfulness tools, guided imagery and meditation. The training is suitable for anyone interested in managing stress and living a meaningful life. In individual sessions we can personal the sessions to meet your needs.

  • Simplify your life and get in touch with the healing power of moment to moment awareness

  • Uplift the quality of your relationships with family, others, and most importantly with yourself

  • Develop mindfulness approaches to see clearly into situations and feelings such as anxiety, anger and depression, and deal with them skillfully

  • Bring peace, ease, true joy and increased health into your life

Mindfulness Meditation assists you in seeing life in its totality. It allows you to reduce stress by responding positively to life situations. Using presentations and discussion we focus on mindfulness practices such as sitting and guided meditations, loving-kindness and body awareness meditations.

Join Cindy for a Meditation

I also teach on the Aura Meditation App, the #1 app for stress and anxiety. My Channel, Heart Space has a large library of 3 -20 minutes guided sessions and on my Coaching Channel, Embracing Your Authentic Self you will find useful tips on how to live a mindful life. Join a 78K Meditation wide community at Aura.


Mindfulness Meditation

The Healing Power of Mindful Living is a 6 week program taken individually or in a group. Making the commitment to the 6 weeks offers you a strong foundation in Mindfulness Meditation. The other option is scheduling sessions as you wish, one session at a time.

This program is available in person or by Skype. At the moment I am offering small group classes upon request.

I owe you a huge thank you. Your 6 week meditation training has had such a positive impact on my life at a time when I needed it the most. You were so kind, patient, and knowledgeable about how to help me. I’ve continued meditation weekly and it has brought such peace to my life. Meditation has helped me recenter myself at times when the world around me feels as if it’s falling apart. It helps me start my day with peace and bring peace to others around me. Thank you so much for offering this service over Skype so I could participate and learn from you in Texas! 
You are such a gift! ~ Andrea”
“Cindy is expert at helping people deal with the daily stresses that constantly threaten our health. I highly recommend her and she has helped many of my patients achieve a calm in their daily storms.
— Dr. Jean Godlen-Tevald
Cindy was my first teacher in Mindfulness and Meditation practice. She clearly communicated the basic principles of mindfulness and had me working confidently at our initial session. Cindy has the ability to create an accepting atmosphere as she guides her clients through the process. I appreciated her calm demeanor and skill as she focused me ‘in the moment’ and assisted me in discovering the balance and style that felt comfortable for me. When I relocated, Cindy’s recommendation of a local colleague helped me to transition and prepare for the next level.
— Marie (H) Tartaglio 1st Senior Instructional Designer at GP Strategies Corporation