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  • Turn within and hear the wisdom that is deep within your heart and soul

  • Learn to live in the moment with gentleness

  • Discover your authentic self - Experience your life as it unfolds and blooms

  • Truly experience joy, abundance and a contentment that fills your soul

Cultivate a mindfulness meditation practice and experience the possibilities of awakening the natural healing energies of body, mind, heart and spirit.

Interweave mindfulness directly into the fabric of your daily life.

Re-awaken your intuition, creativity, and wisdom to promote the healing of stress related conditions, illness and chronic pain.

  • Simplify your life and get in touch with the healing power of moment to moment awareness

  • Uplift the quality of your relationships with family, others, and most importantly with yourself

  • Develop mindfulness approaches to see clearly into situations and feelings such as anxiety, anger and depression and deal with them skillfully

  • Bring peace, ease, true joy and increased health into your life

Mindfulness Meditation assists you in seeing life in its totality. It allows you to reduce stress by responding positively to life situations. Meditation teaches you to live with increased clarity, peace, and compassion.Using presentations and discussion we focus on mindfulness practices such as sitting and guided meditations, loving kindness and body awareness meditations.

You can register for the entire six week program or take it one session at a time.

I owe you a huge thank you. Your 6 week meditation training has had such a positive impact on my life at a time when I needed it the most. You were so kind, patient, and knowledgeable about how to help me. I’ve continued meditation weekly and it has brought such peace to my life. Meditation has helped me recenter myself at times when the world around me feels as if it’s falling apart. It helps me start my day with peace and bring peace to others around me. Thank you so much for offering this service over Skype so I could participate and learn from you in Texas!
You are such a gift! ~ Andrea


Although I highly recommend committing to the six week program, I do offer the ability to take the program one session at a time. This works well when you are unsure of what you are looking for. At times I also interweave meditation and healing sessions.

Visit the Calendar page for workshops dates. If your interest is not listed please call or email us, and we will do our best to offer it soon. All the following workshops are available to groups, corporations and groups of friends.

Join Cindy for a Meditation

I also teach on the Aura Meditation App, the #1 app for stress and anxiety. My Channel, Heart Space has a large library of 3 -20 minutes guided sessions and on my Coaching Channel, Embracing Your Authentic Self you will find useful tips on how to live a mindful life. Join a 78K Meditation wide community at Aura.

If you would like to receive exclusive monthly meditations, join my private meditation discussion group, and support bringing mindfulness into the world, please become a supporter over on Patreon.

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I feel better about myself and my life. I learned to embrace the present moment. That alone improves relationships with people, yourself, and handling stressful situations. I learned how to live life, and to be there when it’s happening. Cindy’s instruction and presentation of Mindfulness was very helpful. She answered many questions I had about the practice.
— Charlene P.
I really enjoyed my first experience with guided meditation today and wanted to thank you for providing such a loving and peaceful and accepting environment for the women who participated today. You made me feel very safe and welcomed today, and I am looking forward to continuing on my spiritual journey and hope to participate in more of your sessions.
— Felicia C, NJ

Listen to a Meditation by Cindy

6 Week Mindfulness Meditation Training

The six week program is strong foundational training in mindfulness meditation.

People participate for reasons as diverse as...

    Stress - job, family or financial
    Chronic pain and illness
    Anxiety and panic
    GI distress
    Sleep disturbances
    High blood pressure



  • Six sessions of guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices
  • Dialogue aimed at enhancing awareness
  • Daily Practice Assignments
  • 2 meditation CD's or downloadable MP3 and practice manual for support.

I invite you to move toward greater balance in your life, enhanced creativity, concentration, and ability to cope more effectively in stressful situations.