Stories help us heal, hearing stories from others helps guide us to find our own answers. It is with tremendous gratitude for those who have chosen to share their stories. I hope you find them useful on your healing journey.

I was looking for a therapeutic experience that combined both reflective talking and somatic healing. That said, I tend to be skeptical about some of this stuff that can be “too woo-woo.” I found Cindy to be well-educated, insightful, thoughtful, and able to respond well to my skeptical side. I benefited from the hand on portion of the session, as well as our dialoguing about the issues I brought to her. I am a professional religious leader and I found that her non-dual approach to our work together was respectful, engaged, and complementary to my own spirituality. She is a healer of substance and skill and I recommend her.
This past year started out tough. Between birthing a baby, hormones, physical ailments and emotions, I didn’t believe I could or would be a normal person again! Some time ago, I buried a chest, as I like to call it, and now because of this wonderful journey I started, I have rediscovered this chest, a treasure chest. It is full of things about myself that I have stuffed away. Likes and dislikes, passions, feelings, so many things that I forgot about that made me—ME! So, Cindy, I will always be thankful to you for being my guide on this journey, for helping me to see and understand, and unlocking some of the “mysteries” of why perhaps I did things certain ways, and most importantly for supporting me through this experience.
— Ann, NJ
I feel better about myself and my life. I learned to embrace the present moment. That alone improves relationships with people, yourself, and handling stressful situations. I learned how to live life, and to be there when it’s happening. Cindy’s instruction and presentation of Mindfulness was very helpful. She answered many questions I had about the practice.
— Charlene P, NJ
I truly have to thank you for helping me start my healing journey towards rediscovering my own voice as well as communicating better with others. The time we spent really helped me open up and has directly attributed to any accomplishments I have made with myself and my wife thus far. Again thank you so very much for lending me your ears, advice, and compassion over these past two months and I will continue to give myself the credit and respect I deserve in order to fulfill my personal journey as a musician, husband & teacher.
I really enjoyed my first experience with guided meditation today and wanted to thank you for providing such a loving and peaceful and accepting environment for the women who participated today. You made me feel very safe and welcomed today, and I am looking forward to continuing on my spiritual journey and hope to participate in more of your sessions.
Working with Cindy has exceeded my expectations. Her sincerity and compassion combined with her expertise have been a wonderfully positive and productive experience.
I studied Reiki with Cindy as well as receiving it from her as a client. She is a wonderful, attentive, compassionate healer and teacher. I highly recommend her for any healing work.
— Cathy ~ Illustrater
It is with great pleasure that I recommend Cindy as a passionate and knowledgeable presenter. Cindy has presented at The Lodge at Woodloch, an aware-winning destination spa resort, on many occasions and continues to be welcomed back. The guest feedback is positive and her relationship with the staff is excellent. She is always flexible as need.
— Christina Acquavella, Prgrams & Events Strategist
Cindy is wonderful. She is s gifted teacher of mindfulness and is incredibly caring and compassionate. I refer often to her over the years and I personally have done great work with her. Highly recommend her! The mindfulness she teaches and body/mind work she does really complements the psychological work I do with my patients in their healing and recovery.
— Dr.Laura DeMarzo ~ Psychologist
Dear Cindy,
I want to let you know of my experience with Reiki Healing as there were actually a couple of aspects. The first you may recall, was when I had my second session with you (before chemo) and it was if I had a realization of strength, It was a very deep feeling that told me that the disease hadn’t lessened me, that I was wrong to feel that I had become weak and sick and that I was no longer the strong and independent person I have always been. Do you remember? I remember telling you that I need to ride my motorcycle right away because when I do that I feel so strong!!! It was the moment I knew that my body was still strong enough to fight and that my chemo experience perhaps would not be as bad as I envisioned. With that realization, I stopped fearing the approaching treatment – and instead welcomed it as the means to return of health. I stopped seeing myself as weakened and sick and asked others to do the same. It was an emotional realization that made a tremendous difference in my approach to my treatment. To me, there is no doubt that this breakthrough came to me from the Reiki energies.

Combine this with my practicing Reiki and mind visualization on my chemo drugs before they were administered (remember you told me how another of your clients had done this?) As I practiced Reiki on my chemo bags, I visualized the drugs sweeping through my body seeking out the cancer cells, and just flowing by my healthy cells, In fact, I visualized the healthy ones actually pointing the way to the cancer cells that were hiding in my body! I guess in a sense I directed my Reiki energy to both the medicine and my body, asking them to work together against the cancer while preserving my healthy cells. I also practiced Reiki on y abdomen during my chemo sessions. Bottom line – I believe that by comparison to others, my chemo side effects were significantly reduced. Although I had some expected fatigue, I had no nausea, no mouth sores, lost no weight (unfortunately I gained :)), and was able to work through the entire course of treatment. And although my white counts dropped as expected during treatment, I ward off all the colds and other illness going around that may have interrupted my treatment – which is very important to a successful outcome. I also practiced my Reiki at bedtime during my treatment, again with visualization, and it definitely helped with sleep and relaxation.

I still practice Reiki at bedtime (though you would say I should do it more!) and enjoy its benefits.
Now you know how much you helped me and I am very grateful for what you taught me! Thank you for the chance for me to recount this – it reminds me again how fortunate I am. I am happy for every day!
— Carol