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Gentle Healing Approaches for body.mind.spirit



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Mindfulness Meditation & MBSR

Mindfulness is the key to creating a peaceful life. When we are still and awake we connect with our inner wisdom. When you are living in the moment sacredness is present. Meditation gives you the tools to reduce the stress in your life.

There are so many reasons to learn mindfulness. They range from stress reduction, to living a spiritual and present lifestyle, to increased concentration and creativity, to dealing with chronic illness, pain and anxiety. Whatever your reason, now is the best time to begin, because as the saying goes ~ If not now, When?

Non Dual Healing®

Non Dual Healing integrates the wisdom of Buddhism,understanding of non-duality within the wisdom of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life along with modern psychological insight. It is a radical healing paradigm that is based on having a dynamic, living relationship with Reality As It Is. This process brings us at our own unique pace into deeper self-realization. Inherent in this healing is great kindness allowing us to be fully ourselves bringing forth sustained and lasting healing and therefore wholeness.

This is the foundation of all my healing sessions as it works with you to reach the core of your authentic truth facilitating deep and lasting transformation. Non-dual healing works at the place of wholeness which already exists including the physical, emotional and spiritual. Each session will reach all levels of being.

  beyond Reiki

beyond Reiki

Reiki is an ancient Japanese/Tibetan hands on healing art. Reiki means universal energy and is based on transmission of the universal life force. Reiki teaches that dis-ease is an imbalance of energy. Reiki harmonizes the vibrational frequency so the body can restore itself to balance and wholeness. During the session you will sense its unconditional love lifting your spirits, relaxing your body and freeing your mind from the challenges of daily living.

Some of the many benefits of Reiki may be the relief of chronic pain, headaches, and stress related illness, emotional release and spiritual growth. This healing method brings balance and harmony into your life. Reiki deepens the inner journey addressing the body, mind and spirit.