Would you like to feel more connected with life?

Would you like to feel more connected to your family, your friends, your co-workers and most importantly to yourself? When you live a busy lifestyle, with much to do, you may tend to disconnect from yourself and from others. We move about on autopilot and begin to feel alone and isolated. We tend to have preconceived ideas about the people in our lives, from our neighbors, partners, friends and even strangers. How do you see the people in your life? Do you take the time to deeply connect with each one? It doesn’t need to take much time.

You can begin by noticing your perceptions of others with fresh eyes. Do you judge based on clothing, ethnicity, or hairstyle? Bring awareness to this act of seeing each person you contact today.

Then inquire into yourself – I wonder who this person is, what are their challenges, what are their joys?

Connect to your own heart, notice how it feels. Invite in some kindness to your own heart. Then you may choose to offer a gesture of connection. You may smile at the person. You may say hello. In a loving-kindness training we walked around Manhattan offering silent blessings to each person we passed. May you feel happy. May you feel safe. If it’s a person close to you take the time to listen, truly listen only, not thinking of what you will say next, but just listen and hear deeply. Acknowledge what you heard them say.

These simply acts increase our sense of belonging to the whole of humanity and enhances relationship.

Take a moment of mindful connection into your life today and notice the ripples.

Treasure yourself today & always